Zoomarine renews Global Humane certificate for “high standards of animal care and welfare”

This is the seventh time that Zoomarine has received this distinction

Zoomarine received recertification from American humane, the first national humanitarian organization in the United States and the most relevant organization certifying animal welfare practices worldwide, through the program Global Human Conservation™, which recognizes “the high standards of care given to resident animals”.

This is the seventh time that Zoomarine has received this distinction, maintaining certification continuously, after becoming one of the first zoos in Europe to obtain it, in 2018.

«We have an extraordinarily dedicated, passionate and professional team who strive daily to ensure that all our animals have the highest welfare. Recognition of this continued, unwavering love and commitment to our animals by a program as respected as Global Humane Conservation is validation of our high standards of animal welfare. We are proud to have received this prestigious recertification,” said Carla Flanagan, Zoological Director at Zoomarine.

To be recognized as Global Humane Certified, Zoomarine announces that it has undergone “a rigorous independent assessment that analyzed the welfare of the animals in its care and demonstrated general excellence in its animal care and welfare practices”.

«The unique process is driven by the latest science and best practices and is instructed by respected veterinarians and experts in the areas of animal welfare, animal science, zoology and ethics who have decades of experience in protecting animals», adds the Algarve park .

“We are excited that Zoomarine continues to meet the certification standards of Global Humane», said Robin Ganzert, president and CEO of Global Humane.

«This certification gives the Global Humane the opportunity to recognize the extensive reach of the animal welfare movement in zoos, aquariums and conservation parks around the world,” he added.

“The independent validation process gives visitors confidence that the institution is meeting a high standard of care. The process includes the submission of a pre-audit request, followed by an on-site audit that assesses the welfare of the animals», explains the Algarve park.

“Factors considered during the audit include, but are not limited to, housing, nutrition, water, lighting, shade, sound, activity levels and training of staff who interact with the animals. The criteria are specific to each species», concludes Zoomarine.