Filipino crew member rescued by Sagres Lifeguard

The alert arrived at 14:45 pm yesterday

A crew member of a merchant ship, who suffered an accident on board when the vessel was sailing south of Ponta de Sagres, was saved this Wednesday, February 28th, by the Sagres Lifeguard. 

The alert arrived at 14:45 pm.

The boat was sailing approximately 10 nautical miles (19 kilometers) from Sagres and, for the location, a vessel from the Sagres Lifeguard Station was immediately activated, following a recommendation from the Guidance Center for Urgent Patients at Sea (CODU-Mar ).

Upon arrival at the ship, the crew from the Lifeguard Station rescued the man, 32 years old and of Philippine nationality, to the port of Baleeira, where INEM members were waiting and transported the victim to a hospital unit.