PS/Algarve challenges Montenegro to clarify whether it supports advances in the Central Hospital

The president of PS Algarve guarantees that with Pedro Nuno Santos the new Central and University Hospital of the Algarve will move forward

The PS/Algarve challenges Luís Montenegro, president of the PSD, to clarify whether he supports the launch for the Hospital Central do Algarve or whether he intends, «as in 2011, to stop the entire process again». 

Luís Montenegro will be in the Algarve today and on the agenda is a visit to Parque das Cidades.

«A week ago, the head of the AD list criticized the Government for having approved the design and functional program of the Algarve Central Hospital. Now, the PSD leader comes to Parque das Cidades and, according to the published program, sends the central hospital to the “future”, says Luís Graça, leader of the Algarve socialists.

«It is important to know whether the PSD candidates for the Algarve will defend the functional program that was drawn up last year and approved this month or whether, as they did in 2011, the AD intends to stop the entire process», he adds.

PS Algarve considers that PSD deputies proposed in the Assembly of the Republic that the new hospital be a full Public Private Partnership.

«They intend to transform the Algarve into a guinea pig, unparalleled in any other region of the country, handing over the entire management of our health to private individuals, from the simplest change of a dressing in a health extension to the most differentiated hospital intervention. The Algarve would be an island, with the health of the Algarve completely handed over to private companies», says the president of the PS Algarve federation and deputy to the Assembly of the Republic.

«The PSD's history in relation to health does not reassure us. I would say that it is indeed something to be suspicious of. In 2011 they stopped the Central Hospital tender when it was in the final stage of award. Now, when the Government announces that the technical pieces to launch the new competition are ready, the PSD comes to criticize the Socialist Party. Was the PSD president's visit coordinated with the mayor of Albufeira who wants another location for the Central Hospital? Do they intend to stop everything to create, like Lisbon airport, a new working group to once again study the location and functional program of the hospital, throwing away all the work that has already been carried out?», says Luís Graça.

The president of PS Algarve guarantees that with Pedro Nuno Santos the new Central and University Hospital of the Algarve will move forward.

«We have the example of the electrification of the railway in the Algarve, whose works were launched by minister Pedro Nuno Santos and are progressing at a good pace. It was with João Cravinho and Jorge Coelho that the Socialist Party launched the construction of the highway to the Algarve and completed the Via do Infante to Lagos. It was with Prime Minister António Guterres that the socialists built the Hospital do Barlavento and it will now be with Prime Minister Pedro Nuno Santos that we will build the new central hospital in the Algarve», he concludes.