Olhão swimming pools reopen on March 1st after legionella outbreak

Swimming pools have been closed since November

The Municipal Swimming Pools of Olhão will reopen this Friday, March 1st, after an outbreak of Legionella forced the Complex to close. 

«The resumption of normal activity comes after a thorough intervention in the water network, and the carrying out of subsequent analyzes by the Public Health Authority, which demonstrate that the problem has been completely overcome», says the Chamber of Olhão.

The sanitary hot water tank was replaced, electrical resistances were installed to increase the water's heating capacity and a permanent water disinfection system was installed, using a chlorine dioxide generator.

In this way, and acting on both fronts to combat Legionella (increased water temperature and chemical disinfection), the Municipality guarantees prophylactic action that will prevent the problem from recurring.

Monitoring of the water network, through analyzes carried out by an independent entity, will also continue to be carried out regularly.