“Palco Rua – Música JA” returns to “make dreams come true” for young Algarve artists

Applications open today and run until March 25th

Photo: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação

The “Palco Rua – Música JA” competition is back to publicize and promote musical and original projects by young Algarve artists, thus giving them the stage they often don't have.

In the words of Custódio Moreno, regional director of the Algarve at IPDJ, this competition reflects the spirit of the institute. «We are here with a mission, which is to help young people, not to dream, because they already dream a lot, but to make their dreams come true – and the “Palco Rua – Música JA” is a good example of how young people can make their dreams come true. your dreams", he said this Friday, February 16th, at the presentation of the 5th edition of the Competition.

From today, February 19th, until March 25th, young people from the Algarve, aged between 14 and 35, without record contracts, who want to make their music known, can sign up for this competition with two themes of his own (music and lyrics).

The projects will then be evaluated by members of the Academic Association of the University of Algarve (AAUAlg), RUA FM and IPDJ, who will select eight for two performances.

Those chosen will thus have the opportunity to perform at the “Palco Rua – Música JA” Exhibition and at the Algarve Academic Week, which runs from April 25th to May 4th.

«Today, more and more, young people need the stage. Just being in the studio, recording and mixing on the computer, playing in the garage... all of this is important, but the magic is on stage and that is also important», highlighted Custódio Moreno.


Photo: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação


But the competition only begins with these two performances. Of the eight participants, there will be three who will also have the opportunity to play on other stages.

The winning project will receive a performance at Festival F, in Faro, worth 1500 euros (offer from the Chamber of Faro); the second winner will work at Fatacil, in Lagoa, for 1000 euros (offer from Câmara de Lagoa); and the third winner will receive a performance at Feira da Serra, in São Brás de Alportel, for the value of 500 euros (offer from São Brás de Alportel Chamber).

The presentation session was also attended by Rita Tavares, president of AAUAlg, who highlighted the importance of these initiatives.

«The Academic Association ends up being, essentially, made up of people, and made up of many talents. I think it is very important to have this competition and these partnerships that allow us to give a stage to young people who want to show what they have, who want to show their talents, and, sometimes, they don't have the space to do so. We are proud to be able to do this together with all the other partners», highlighted Rita Tavares.

Tiago Griff, director of information and content at Rádio Universitária do Algarve (RUA), also took the opportunity to highlight that the quality of the competition has increased year after year.

«There are few of these amateur bands, given the quality», he concluded

The “Palco Rua – Música JA” competition is organized by the Academic Association of the University of Algarve and Rádio Universitária, in partnership with IPDJ and has the support of the Municipalities of Faro, Lagoa and São Brás de Alportel.


Photos: Cátia Rodrigues | Sul Informação



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