New Home, Home Support and Fontainhas Day Center will provide care for 131 people

The equipment will be managed by the Nuclegarve Association

The first stone of the Home, Home Support and Day Center in Fontainhas (Albufeira), which will serve 131 users, was laid this Wednesday, February 21st. 

The work, which was awarded for around 8,2 million euros, will be built on municipal land with a total area of ​​around 15 thousand square meters and has the capacity to accommodate 131 users (61 under a residential structure for elderly, 20 in Day Care and 50 in Home Support).

The building, which will be built on three floors, occupies a construction area of ​​5 square meters. The Mayor highlighted that this is “a very important work that aims to support aging with dignity and quality of life”.

On the 1st floor, there will be a cafeteria, dining room and two living rooms (one with a pantry), 13 bedrooms, a chapel, a nursing and surveillance room and bathroom and bathroom facilities.

The 2nd floor will have an entrance for services, loading and unloading. It also includes a multipurpose gym, activity room/studios, beauty salon, laundry room, living room with pantry, six bedrooms, living room for staff, also with pantry, kitchen, refrigerated area and storage area.

The construction work on the Home, Home Support and Day Care Center of Fontainhas, in the parish of Ferreiras, is already progressing and, if everything goes as planned, within 510 days it will finally “see the light of day”.

«The dream and the first steps towards building the equipment began in 2010 and, as expected, here are my words of thanks to Mr. Brito, former president of Nuclegarve, to Mr. Paulo Almeida, mentor of the association and Desidério Silva, president of the Municipality at the time», said José Carlos Rolo.

The first tender was deserted and, in the second, budgets above the base price were presented.

Therefore, it was necessary to adapt the project to changes in current legislation, and it was only in August 2023 that the contract was signed to execute the contract with the company Telhabel for 8,2 million, which implied that the contract had to be approved by the Court of Auditors.

«All of this resulted in an extremely lengthy process, which together with the international Lemon Brothers crisis, which affected the world as a whole and Albufeira as a tourist city in particular, plus two years of Covid, in which everything closed and we had to support associations , companies and institutions dependent on the central administration, the Municipality invested (the difference between the value of the support granted and what it no longer received in fees and licenses) around 25 million euros. We were the municipality in the country that invested the most at the time,” he said.

The equipment will be managed by the Nuclegarve Association.