Garzó and Alonso complete tests at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve ahead of the competition

In MotoE and Moto3

Hector Garzó – Photo: AIA

Spaniard Hector Garzó and Colombian David Alonso were the fastest after three days of testing in the MotoE and Moto3 world championship, which took place at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, in Portimão.

As the curtain fell on the first three days of MotoE world testing, Spaniard Hector Garzó returned home as the fastest of the 18 riders in the class' field in 2024, after having achieved the best lap on the second day.

This final day was marked by the holding of a racing simulation, in which the winner it was the defending champion, Mattia Casadei. The Italian finished ahead of everyone at the end of the seven laps completed, beating Eric Granado and Kevin Manfredi, the two drivers who completed the podium and where Garzó and Spinelli suffered crashes.

On a day once again marked by the presence of rain, the best times were not beaten and most of the drivers took the opportunity to test the tires that Michelin brought to Portimão on a wet surface.

This season, the French brand will present a new tire developed exclusively for this competition.

«Accounts made after the three days of testing, Garzó leaves the Algarve at the top of a time table where the three fastest managed their laps on the second day, and was also the only one to break the 47 second barrier in a passage at the 4592 meters of the Autódromo Algarve International. Nicolas Spinelli was second fastest, just over a tenth behind Garzó, with Matteo Ferrari finishing third, less than two tenths behind the Spanish leader in the classification», according to the AIA.

With very small differences between everyone, the top ten were separated by less than six tenths of a second at the end of this pre-season for MotoE, «which suggests an exciting start to the championship next March at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve» .


David Alonso – Photo: AIA


In Moto3, David Alonso, who was coming from a fasting After 83 days without riding his bike – which ended on the first day of the tests reserved for riders in this category – the Colombian was the fastest on the track throughout all the sessions held at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve and closed both days as the fastest quickest of the peloton.

Almost always first on the track at the start of the sessions and one of the most active in counting laps completed, the CF Moto rider was once again the fastest in the field on the second day and only in the first of the four outings of the day did he not set the best lap .

«Alonso was the only one to break the second 47 barrier, first in the third session and later in the final outing of the day, the one where the best lap times were recorded, closing the day with a best time of 1m46.690s, a lap clearly better than all the others and which left Dutchman Collin Veijer almost nine tenths of a second behind. Scott Ogden was the best of the Honda riders by almost a second, a difference that separated Ivan Ortolá, the fourth fastest, from Alonso. Tatsuki Suzuki finished in fifth place, just over a second behind", according to the AIA.

In this test «all riders and teams are also discovering the Pirelli tires that will equip the Moto3s from this year 2024, with KTM also bringing a completely new Moto3 to Portimão and it is also the subject of special attention by part of the teams that use machines from the Austrian manufacturer – in its different brand configurations».


MotoE combined times (3 days)

1st Hector Garzó – Dynavolt Intact GP MotoE with 1m46.916s
2nd Nicolas Spinelli – Tech3 E-Racing at 0.120s
3rd Matteo Ferrari – Felo Gresini MotoE at 0.170s
4th Mattia Casadei – LCR E-Team at 0.315s
5th Óscar Gutierrez – Axxis-MSI at 0.318s
6th Alessandro Zaccone – Tech3 E-Racing at 0.378s
7th Eric Granado – LCR E-Team at 0.397s
8th Kevin Zannoni – Openbank Aspar Team at 0.480s
9th Lukas Tulovic – Dynavolt Intact GP MotoE at 0.491s
10th Miquel Pons – Axxis-MSI at 0.595s


Final times 2nd day Moto3

1st David Alonso – CF Moto with 1m46.690s
2nd Collin Veijer – Husqvarna at 0.867s
3rd Scott Ogden – Honda at 0.955s
4th Ivan Ortolá – KTM at 1.000s
5th Tatsuki Suzuki – Husqvarna at 1.038s