"Faro Next Generation” wants to support young entrepreneurship

A partnership with Dypall Network

"Faro Next Generation” is the program that the Municipality of Faro launched on February 15th, and wants to mark a significant step in supporting young entrepreneurship.

The program is the result of a strategic collaboration between the city council and the Dypall Network, aiming to promote employability, entrepreneurship and active citizenship among young people in the municipality.

The session, which took place in the main hall of the Municipal Chamber of Faro, was attended by the mayor Rogério Bacalhau, Youth councilor Teresa Santos and Marta Monteiro, from Dypall Network. Everyone highlighted the importance of education for entrepreneurial citizenship and the fundamental role of young people in building a more cohesive and innovative community.

In addition to these interventions, the event provided an Entrepreneurial Skills Assessment Test, highlighting the practical and positive impact of the project on the lives of the young participants.

"The program "Faro Next Generation” stands out not only as a youth development initiative, but also as an exemplary model of how collaboration between public entities and civil organizations can generate significant changes in society, especially among young people», considers the municipality.

For the Municipality of Faro, «this launch is a reflection of the commitment to promoting employability and youth entrepreneurship as paths to recovery and economic and social development».