Praia da Rocha Adapted Surf Meeting distinguished as Municipal Sports Event of the Year

Meeting took place in Mealhada

The Praia da Rocha Adapted Surf Meeting was distinguished, on the 23rd of February, as Municipal Sports Event of the Year, at the seminar “Management of Sports Events in a Municipal Context” held in Mealhada.

With the eighth edition scheduled for the end of next July, this Adapted Surf Meeting is organized by the Municipality of Portimão in collaboration with Portimão Surf Clube, PlaySurf/Iate Clube da Marina de Portimão and Future Eco Surf School/Clube Naval de Portimão , having been distinguished by Cidade Social, within the scope of the Município Amigo do Desporto program as the Local Event of the Year, in the category of Municipalities with more than 50 thousand and less than 100 thousand inhabitants.

On the occasion, the Freedom Run and the Portimão International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament were also recognized with third places in the Regional/National Sports Event and International Sports Event categories, respectively.

Numerous municipalities from the north to the south of mainland Portugal and the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira participated in the recognition and voting, with events in which sporting activities, competitions or tournaments taking place, both indoors and outdoors, being submitted to competition. free.

The events, in addition to sporting objectives, could embrace other purposes, such as those of a charitable or environmental nature, aimed at a variety of audiences.

The evaluation criteria included the analysis of applications, highlighting the implementation of appropriate practices in sports management, the promotion of participation in sporting events and the democratization of informal, recreational or competitive sports.

The innovative nature of the actions, the partnerships established and the added value of these collaborations were also evaluated, in addition to other elements relevant to the evaluation of the events.