Elections: Passos Coelho enters the AD campaign today in Faro

The rally in Faro is scheduled for 19pm at the Algarve Hotel and Tourism School

The leader of the Democratic Alliance (AD) Luís Montenegro announced that former PSD president Pedro Passos Coelho will be present today at the coalition's rally in Faro.

Luís Montenegro made this statement to journalists at the end of a visit to an agricultural estate in Beja, as part of the campaign for the early legislative elections on March 10th.

«As part of this peaceful work of the electoral campaign, we have been talking to people, and we will have the opportunity to have with us several people responsible, past and present, for the political work of the parties that make up this coalition, in particular the PSD. I want to invite you to come to the rally later in Faro, where we will have the participation of Dr. Pedro Passos Coelho", announced Montenegro.

Asked what this participation will represent, the PSD leader simply replied: "we'll see now."

The question of whether or not Passos Coelho, who led the PSD between 2010 and 2018, would participate in the campaign has been a topic and has even entered the debates in which Luís Montenegro has participated.

On the 19th of February, face to face with the leader of the PS, Pedro Nuno Santos, he stated that «it must not be by chance» that Montenegro did not bring Pedro Passos Coelho to the campaign, «nor did he invite him to the AD convention» , where Pedro Santana Lopes and Ferreira Leite were present.

«It was important, in fact, that we could have former leaders at our side, and I will have them in the election campaign», the PSD president then responded.

The rally in Faro is scheduled for 19pm at the Algarve Hotel and Tourism School.