Cyclist from Aviludo-Louletano-Loulé Concelho won the Opening Race/Region of Aveiro

Tomás Contte, a reference sprinter in the national peloton, took advantage of the good final start to win the race

Photo: © João Fonseca

Argentine cyclist Tomás Contte (Aviludo-Louletano-Loulé Concelho) won this Sunday the Opening Race/Aveiro Region, a 166,6 kilometer race, between Oliveira do Bairro and Sever do Vouga.

After a very fast start, with successive escape attempts that were unsuccessful, a group of 19 runners ended up in the lead, after 61 kilometers had been covered.

With the nine continental teams represented at the front, the escape quickly became the main squad, given the huge gap dug for what, theoretically, would be the peloton. It was realized that the decision would be made between the most advanced men, when the goal was still around 100 kilometers away.

With 50 kilometers to go, Miquel Valls (CC Loulé/Matdiver/Anastácio Mendes & Mendes) left his escape companions behind and tried his luck alone.

He had a lead of almost a minute, but could not resist the acceleration made behind, being absorbed after pedaling more than 30 kilometers alone.


Photo: © João Fonseca

With the goal placed at the top of a four-kilometer climb, not all the fugitives were able to fight for victory. But no one stood out either. Tomás Contte, a reference sprinter in the national peloton, took advantage of the good final start to win the race.

The Argentine entered the last corner early and did not allow his rivals to approach, triumphing after 3h50m39s (average of 43,338 km/h). Afonso Eulálio (ABTF Betão-Feirense) and Tiago Leal (Rádio Popular-Paredes-Boavista) arrived at the same time, second and third, respectively.

“This victory really comes in handy for me and for the team, which this year is very renewed and younger. I am very happy and grateful to the entire team, in which we have an excellent environment. I'm not a climber. Fortunately the final climb wasn't too steep or too long, but the best climbers in the group set a strong pace. But I had a very good feeling, I resisted the pace of my opponents and was able to impose my final position”, said the race winner.

By winning the race, Tomás Contte was also the best climber. Miquel Valls won two private goals and João Medeiros (Credibom-LA Alumínios-Marcos Car) won the other intermediate goal. Martín Rey (Aluminios Cortizo) was the best under-23 of the club teams. Rádio Popular-Paredes-Boavista prevailed collectively, while Aluminios Cortizo was the best club team.

The Portuguese peloton will have its first international clash of the season next Saturday, the date of the Figueira Champions Classic, a one-day race on the UCI ProSeries circuit, in which ten WorldTeams will also participate.