Association of Guides-Interpreters of the Algarve explores the market for Faro

The visit was made at the invitation of Ambifaro

12 members of Agigarve – Association of Guides-Interpreters of the Algarve visited the Market of Faro. 

The visit, made at the invitation of Ambifaro, the municipal company that manages the Market, served to «highlight the historical and cultural importance that this emblematic infrastructure has for the community and its visitors», says Ambifaro.

Visitors had the opportunity to get to know the market and its large number of available services: Citizen's store, commercial stores, restaurants, modules and traditional operators.

During the morning, there was also time for experiments, with the mastery of D. Rosa, on her 46th birthday, who taught the art of the star fig, or the pink fig stuffed with almonds.

For Henrique Gomes, president of the Board of Directors of Ambifaro, this morning «was a day of good publicity about our market and its singularities, showing the interpreter-guides some strong points that constitute added value in terms of the tourist proposal».

The person responsible recognizes that the traditional market is loved in the community «for the diversity of fresh and traditional products, but now we want to highlight its vital role in preserving and promoting the Farense and Algarve identity».

For Carlos Baía, municipal councilor for Tourism, who also accompanied the visit, «the Market, with its deep roots in local history, represents a unique heritage that takes into account social dynamics and very genuine knowledge that deserves to be explored and appreciated also by thousands of tourists who visit us».

Therefore, he adds, «as in any medium-sized city, Faro You must have a mandatory stopping point in your market on your visiting itineraries».

Cristina Marreiros, president of Agigarve, highlighted “the importance of initiatives that aim to preserve and promote emblematic places such as the Municipal Market of Faro», recognizing «the fundamental role they play in building the region's cultural and tourist identity».