Algarve 2030 provides 10 million to support qualifications and employment

The ALGARVE 2030 Regional Program published, at the end of January, six Competition Notices

The Algarve 2030 Regional Program will provide 10 million euros of funding from the European Social Fund (FSE+) with the aim of supporting qualifications, employment and social inclusion, the Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR) announced this Monday. from the Algarve.

In the scope of qualifications, the Notice addressed to Qualifica Centres, with an allocation of 2.4 million, aims to “support their activity and promote lifelong learning and the improvement of adults' educational and professional qualifications, valuing people's individual paths ».

With regard to employment, an invitation notice was published to the IEFP with an allocation of 3.6 million, to finance Professional Internships in the region, developed in economic activities that integrate the Algarve Regional Intelligent Specialization Strategy (EREI3), focusing “support the diversification of the regional economic base, and promoting the quality transition of young people to the job market”.

The CCDR also states that, «with a view to strengthening the interaction between companies and scientific and technological infrastructures and creating sustainable and quality jobs», 3.8 million were dedicated to hiring highly qualified human resources (graduates, masters, doctorates or postgraduate -doctorates), by entities whose innovation strategy is aligned with EREI.

A general notice aimed at SMEs was also published, as well as a specific notice aimed at SMEs established in low-density territories, with an allocation of 1.2 million and 200 thousand respectively.

Scientific infrastructures, scientific and technological institutions and Collaborative Laboratories also have their own notice with an allocation of 2.4 million to support the hiring of highly qualified human resources.

With 300 thousand euros dedicated to social inclusion, a notice was published for actions to create, develop and grow Centers for Impact Entrepreneurship that aim to boost local or regional ecosystems of social innovation and impact entrepreneurship through incubation processes , acceleration and training.

«The Algarve region, with the financing of these actions, hopes to achieve significant results towards the 2030 goals within the scope of the ALGARVE 2030 Program and also the European Pillar of Social Rights», highlights the CCDR.

Competition notices can be consulted here