40 users of APATRIS 21 and APPC of Faro they played Carnival at the disco

Ricardo Mariano guarantees that «this was just the first edition

40 users of APATRIS 21 and APPC of Faro they played Carnival at the Twice nightclub last Monday, February 12th.

The initiative was launched by the Timing Group's Social Responsibility department, in collaboration with the FirstFloor Group, and also included the launch of the challenge to make a “More Sustainable Carnival”.

The costumes they brought were made by the associations' users with recyclable materials.

«In addition to getting 100% involved in the activity even before it happens, we appealed to these young people's creativity and environmental and sustainability education. Furthermore, I asked for help from Alô Pizza, which belongs to our Group of companies, to bring happiness to everyone in the form of Pizzas», says Inês Narciso, department manager.

«The “Disco for all” “was a tangible testimony to the power of social inclusion and the commitment to preserving the environment,” highlights Inês.

For André Pires, from the First Floor Group, «it is always with great satisfaction and empathy that we collaborate with this and other initiatives in order to provide very special moments for associations and their users».

«We will always be available to collaborate», he says.

«This was just the first edition of «Discoteca para Todos». We want to continue providing good moments and that's why we promise more editions», concludes Ricardo Mariano, CEO of Grupo Timing.