Pedro Bettencourt is the head of the IL list for the Algarve

List has already been presented to the Court

Pedro Bettencourt – IL

Pedro Bettencourt, Airport Operations and Emergency Manager at Porto Airport Faro heads the list of the Liberal Initiative for the Algarve, in the March Legislative Elections, which is entirely composed «of candidates who reside and work in the Algarve» and has already been presented to the Court,

In addition to Pedro Bettencourt, they are members of the IL list for the constituency of Faro – from the 2nd to the 9th element, in this order – Maria Merino (Portimão), João Apolónia (Loulé), Daniel Viegas (Faro), Salomé Luz (Silves), Bernardo Gomes (Portimão), Alicia Frango (Albufeira), Liliana Teixeira (Olhão) and Bernardo Lopes (Loulé).

The IL leader in the Algarve assures that he is “prepared for this challenge”, considering “it is urgent to have a new direction for the Algarve”.

«The Liberal Initiative is the only party with structuring and innovative proposals in the different dimensions of society», he believes.



As for the list presented, «it is made up of dedicated and experienced candidates, reflecting the diversity and richness of the Algarve. The candidates demonstrate a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the community and will defend liberal proposals as a way of boosting regional development», according to the party.

The Liberal Initiative «invites citizens to actively participate in the democratic process, get to know the candidates and proposals, and contribute to the constructive debate that will shape the future of the Algarve and the country».