Monchique seeks volunteers for planting action in Cruz da Fóia

Action takes place on January 27th

Monchique City Council is looking for volunteers to, on the 27th of January, carry out a planting action with a view to maintaining the Life Relict Project in Cruz da Fóia. 

In partnership with the BRIDGE Project and the University of Évora, the Municipality of Monchique intends with this intervention to continue the preservation of the rare habitat in Europe, listed in the Habitat Directive (92/43/CEE)  as a priority for conservation and which is described such as Arborescent Thickets of Laurus nobilis or Tall Thickets of Lauroids.

«In this habitat, dominated by plants that witnessed the Laurissilva forests that occupied the Iberian Peninsula in past geological eras, the Adelfeiras are included – target of the Life-Relict Project», emphasizes the Municipality of Monchique

The action will place nearly 3 plants characteristic of this habitat on the land, produced as part of the Life relict project.

«For this initiative to be successful, we need you to join us on the ground», appeals to the Monchique municipality.

Volunteers must bring practical clothing and appropriate footwear, gloves, planting equipment (hoe or hoe), water and snack/picnic lunch

Anyone who wants to participate must register by January 26th, via email at [email protected] or telephone at 282 910 284.