Isilda Gomes remains in the PS National Secretariat, there are more Algarvians in national bodies

First meeting of the new National Commission elected secretariat and political commission

Isilda Gomes was elected this Saturday, in Coimbra, to the National Secretariat of the Socialist Party, the governing body of the PS.

The mayor of Portimão was already part of this body before, when António Costa was general secretary of the socialists, being one of the few members who remain, now under the leadership of Pedro Nuno Santos.

For their part, deputy Jamila Madeira and Loulé mayor Vitor Aleixo were elected as effective members of the PS Political Commission. Ana Paula Martins, president of the Chamber of Tavira, Ana Passos and Maria José Mestre are substitute members of that body.

Taking into account that Aleixo was already part of the Political Committee and that Jamila is a new addition, the Algarve now has two permanent members in this body.

António Miguel Pina, who already belonged to the National Commission, was elected vice-president of the Board today.

In addition to these, there is also another Algarvian member of the socialists' top bodies: Luís Graça, who is president of the PS/Algarve Federation and who, inherently, has the right to vote in the Political Committee and the National Committee.



During the PS Congress, last weekend, seven Algarvians had been elected as members of the PS National Commission.

The PS National Commission approved today, in Coimbra, with votes exceeding 90%, the proposal of general secretary Pedro Nuno Santos, for the National Secretariat and the single list competing for the Socialists' Political Commission

According to an official source, Pedro Nuno Santos' proposal for the National Secretariat received 91,6% of the votes.

The list for the PS Political Commission was approved with 92,4% of the votes – a list with 65 members that resulted from an agreement between Pedro Nuno Santos' team and his opponents in the race for the leadership of the socialists, José Luís Carneiro and Daniel Adriano. Under this agreement, the Minister of Internal Administration appointed 35% of the members and Daniel Adrião two.

The list for the Political Commission had, among the first three names, Álvaro Beleza, who supported Pedro Nuno Santos, and the Secretary of State for the Presidency André Moz Caldas, who coordinated José Luís Carneiro's motion.

The PS Political Commission includes the president of the Assembly of the Republic Augusto Santos Silva, ministers such as Ana Catarina Mendes or Fernando Medina, the president of the Economic and Social Council Francisco Assis, mayor Inês de Medeiros or former minister Vieira da Silva.

João Soares, Jamila Madeira, José Manuel dos Santos, Manuel Pizarro and Maria Antónia Almeida Santos are also part of this body, which will soon have to approve the final version of the lists of candidates for PS deputies for the next legislative elections.

Contrary to what was expected, the former minister and current socialist MEP Pedro Silva Pereira is only among the substitutes on the Political Committee.

One of the new features is the presence of Pedro Costa, president of the Parish Council of Campo de Ourique in Lisbon and son of the prime minister, among the staff of this body.


*with Agência Lusa


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