Frederico Tatá Regala is the director of the new Culture Unit at CCDR Algarve

Algarve Regional Directorate of Culture was integrated into CCDR

File image – Photo: Pablo Sabater | Sul Informação

Frederico Tátá Regala is the director of the Culture Unit of the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission, a structure created following the integration of the Regional Directorate of Culture into the CCDRA.

This is a continuity choice, since Tátá Regala was the most responsible, on a replacement basis, in the last month in which the Regional Directorate of Culture existed.

The organization of the new entity also includes a Cultural Action Division, which will be headed by Elsa Cavaco.

According to the CCDR Algarve, the Culture Unit «has the mission of complying with the standards of the Basic Law and valorization of Cultural Heritage, as well as all matters within the competence of the CCDR within the scope of safeguarding heritage».

The Cultural Action Division “has as its mission the support of local and regional cultural initiatives, of a non-professional nature, as well as the promotion of access to culture”.

In the program contract established with the Government, CCDR Algarve «committed to working, in conjunction with other State services, Local Authorities, associations and central agents» and assumed several objectives.

One of them was to «increase the number of visitors to museums, as well as improve their networking, support the digital transition and their role in social inclusion (in 2022, data from INE, the 15 museums in the Algarve had an average of 544.725 visitors)”.

«Increase the number of spectators and live shows, promoting greater access to culture (in 2022, the Algarve had 1.913 live show sessions and 916.126 spectators)» and «ensure that, within the framework of the management of European Funds, up to 2029, 6 monuments and sites of cultural interest are intervened", were other goals established.

The Culture Unit can be contacted via email [email protected] and telephone number 289 896 070. In-person service must be scheduled in advance, as the services are in the process of changing facilities.


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