EMARP invests in Measurement and Control Zones to avoid water waste

A project is already underway

The Municipal Water and Waste Company of Portimão (EMARP) launched this week a project to create Measurement and Control Zones (ZMC) to «actively and precisely control water losses, contributing in the short, medium and long term for environmental and social preservation», according to the company.

This measure aims to ensure the “efficient management of water resources to promote sustainability”.

According to EMARP, the municipality of Portimão has «followed a path of efficiency in reducing water losses, currently recording 13,1% of real losses of water entering the system».

«ZMC are a fundamental bet to continue efficient management, which aims to preserve an essential and increasingly scarce natural resource, particularly in the Algarve region», he added.

Each of these zones “will be equipped with advanced measuring devices, such as flow meters, pressure sensors and real-time monitoring technology, strategically positioned to cover key points in the municipality, allowing permanent control, contributing to faster detection and resolution of anomalous variations”.

«The ZMCs will be integrated into the existing georeferencing system, which allows for a precise spatial view of the conditions, providing the location of the occurrence as closely as possible, thus allowing the optimization of maintenance teams», according to the municipal company from Portimão.

The data collected in these control zones "will be analyzed regularly by technicians with specialized training, in order to identify patterns and trends that will allow the system's performance to be assessed, highlight improvements and provide useful information to quickly respond to critical events."