Câmara de Lagoa has already signed a promise contract to buy “Alagoas Brancas”

Purchase must be approved by the Court of Auditors

The Lagoa City Council has just signed a purchase and sale promise contract, with the company Edifício Atlântico S.A., worth 3 million six hundred and seventy thousand euros, for the acquisition of plots of land called “Alagoas Brancas”, announced today the autarchy.

After, At the end of 2023, the Municipality of Lagoa signed a protocol with the Environmental Fund from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action (MAAC), which allowed us to receive the amount to purchase the land, the process now takes another step, with the signing of the contract.

«There were several months of negotiations between the Municipality of Lagoa and the owner of the Alagoas Brancas land, as well as numerous steps taken by the Municipality of Lagoa and the Government of Portugal, through the Minister of the Environment and Climate Action Duarte Cordeiro, to to reach an agreement of understanding that would allow the signing of the promissory purchase and sale contract that will allow the acquisition of the “Alagoas Brancas” land», highlights the Chamber in a statement.

As for the natural park project that will appear on the land, «it is already being worked on by technicians from the Municipality of Lagoa».



The Mayor congratulates the government "for its involvement and collaboration throughout this process, as well as the owner of the land, for its willingness to negotiate with the municipality and give up the rights already acquired to urbanize that area of ​​the city of Lagoa", adds the note .

The Alagoas Brancas subdivision is an integral part of the Urbanization Plan of the City of Lagoa, «which was approved at the Chamber meeting on February 6, 2008, which had defined the south zone of the city of Lagoa as an area for the expansion of economic activities and implementation of industrial areas with multiple commercial and service uses». so the promoter had “all acquired rights”, recalls the City Council.

«After the purchase and sale promise contract has been signed, to acquire the land, there is still a long way to go, with several steps to be taken, as this purchase will have to have prior approval from the Court of Auditors» , explains the municipality.

«We are very pleased with the signing of this contract, however, we remind you that this process is not yet completed. I want to leave a word to everyone who contributed to this moment, namely the government and civic movements that have always fought for this objective, as well as the owner of the land for his sensitivity to our arguments", commented Luís Encarnação, president of Lagoa City Council .