Mediterranean Diet Route took the South to Mercado da Ribeira, in Lisbon

The artisans brought the fruit of their art and wisdom to Lisbon

The Time Out studio, at Mercado da Ribeira, in Lisbon, welcomed on December 17th the Rota da Dieta Mediterrânica team and its producers, artisans and artists, for a demonstration of the main values ​​of the Mediterranean lifestyle, listed by UNICEF as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
From traditional games for the little ones (and not only) to rediscover the joy of playing in groups, to Fernando Guerreiro, a magnificent storyteller with his project “Micro Contos”, which opened the imagination in an engaging way, there was all.

The artisans brought the fruit of their art and wisdom to Lisbon: the meticulous nativity scenes, “searinhas” and many other mythical figures of Margarida Gomes, made with a detail that only she can achieve; the fine woods crafted with mastery by Bruno Martins (Two Dogs), the multiplicity of sustainable products from the “Quinta da Fornalha” project, the textiles with multicolored patterns and traditional motifs by Carla Santos and her Janela D’Alma project.

Or even Tavira in Pedras da Carla Barão, which reveals the deep textures of the earth; the art of “Cláudia’s Embroidery”; the “rough” beauty of Silves stoneware, worked by Bruno Matos; sweets, spices and other “Graínha Flavors” from Dina Silva; the unique aromas of Teresa Rodrigues' soaps and her “Hipocamus” project, the art that recovers and reinvents Carlos Ferreira's abandoned fishing vessels and his “Portucale Love”; the wonderful cane works by José Martins that accompanied the whole day with nightingales and flutes; personalized footwear from Clinica do Calçado de Algoz, by the skilled hands of Fernando Gonçalves; the beautiful ceramic pieces in “Barro à Parede” by Carla Costa, and the childhood imagination that “Anita’s Dolls” and Ana Gonçalves’ hands awaken.


Folklore Group of Faro


Animating all this profusion of ways of interpreting and expressing the Mediterranean lifestyle, the Folklore Group of Faro, founded in 1930, brought the entire Time Out Market to life, in two streets that brought to a cosmopolitan and international audience, sounds that they know little about and that express the cultural identity of the South.

In two performances, they demonstrated high professionalism and quality, only surpassed by the involvement of the participants who took part in various traditional dances.

Meanwhile, Chef Rui Palma demonstrated why the principles of Mediterranean nutrition make this food system the most intensely studied and acclaimed for its nutritional qualities, contributing to sustainability and quality of life, without sacrificing simplicity in preparation and a flavor that only can come from the best local and seasonal products.

Mackerel Tiborna with bean puree and persimmons, Orange “Direita” and Carob Húmido, delighted the participants and opened the palate to Mediterranean flavors.


The Moçoilas singing

To end with a flourish on a very intense day at RDM in Lisbon, just with the sounds and voices of the “Moçoilas”, a group created three decades ago with the firm purpose of recovering and reinterpreting the voices, songs and experiences of small rural communities and their protagonists.

Through the hypnotic voices of Margarida, Inês and Teresa, we were taken to day-to-day experiences in the fields, to the loves and dislikes of young people, to the imagination of the southern mountains and to the magical call of “Éladina…”

It was an intense, emotional and profound day that the Mediterranean Diet Route took to Lisbon, sharing with the Time Out Market audience the secrets and mysteries of this ancient lifestyle.

This event was organized by the In Loco Association, promoter of the project “+Algarve, a Mediterranean lifestyle”, co-financed by the Endogenous Resources Development Action Plan (AMAL / CCDRAlgarve), with the support of CRESC Algarve 2020 and has the collaboration of all members of the RDM, namely the municipalities of Loulé, Tavira, Faro, Albufeira, Portimão, Vila do Bispo, Aljezur, São Brás de Alportel and Lagos, as well as the companies AlgEventos and 1Bigo.