“Portugal a Dançar” ends in Portimão

The space will be the stage for 34 participants

Photo: Portugal dancing

The final of the “Portugal a Dançar” competition will be played on December 10th, starting at 17pm, at the Portimão Arena. 

The event will bring together the greatest national dance talents in this Algarve city.

The space will be the stage for the 34 participants, selected over the course of 12 qualifiers that took place across the country.

From Mogadouro to Elvas, passing through Setúbal, Batalha, Tondela, Portimão, Alter do Chão, Loures, Mealhada, Arcos de Valdevez, Oeiras and Castelo Branco, dancers from all over the country will compete to reach a place on the podium.

Participants will be evaluated by national judges and dancers: Jojo Lopes, Maria Barros, Francisca Durão, Pedro Teixeira and Francisca Mendo, in this competition that has the support of Portimão City Council.

In addition to dancing, there will also be moments of music and entertainment and a performance by the winning group of the 2022 edition, the Sorority Dance Crew, from Portimão.