Vale da Telha Detailed Plan has two more years to be completed

Pandemic and technical complexity justify delay in completion

The Aljezur City Council decided to renew the procedure for preparing the Vale da Telha Detailed Plan, the municipality announced today.

The decision was taken unanimously by the members of the municipal executive body, at the ordinary meeting held on December 7th.

The deliberation was based on «the proximity of the end of the administrative period for the preparation of that municipal territorial plan» and the «need to continue the procedure with a view to concluding the work, which only occurs with the final deliberation of the municipal assembly».

The Aljezur Chamber justifies the lack of completion of the plan, saying that «the pandemic period and the high technical complexity inherent to the work in progress, under which it seeks to establish the reorganization of an area of ​​almost 550 hectares (equivalent to some of the largest cities in the Algarve) after the judicial invalidation of the original subdivision operations and in accordance with the recognized environmental, social and economic values ​​in place».

According to the legal regime of territorial management instruments, the preparation of any territorial plan implies the establishment of a maximum period which can only be extended once, after which the City Council can decide on a new period using the acts and formalities carried out in the meantime.

The establishment of a new maximum period of two years for the preparation of the Vale da Telha Detailed Plan comes a few weeks after the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission held a follow-up meeting requested by the municipality, in which clarified some aspects necessary to make the proposal in line with the statement made by that entity at the last services conference.

After the follow-up meeting, the proposal was, however, subject to review by the technical team responsible for the Plan, a fact that, associated with its advanced state of development, “will allow the Municipality to submit it to a new procedural conference during the first quarter of the year 2024», concludes the municipality.