Jorge Plácido launches “The Year of the Death of Álvaro de Campos” in VRSA

on saturday the 9th

The book “The Year of the Death of Álvaro de Campos”, by Jorge Plácido, will be presented on Saturday, December 9th, at 16 pm, at the Vicente Campinas municipal library in Vila Real de Santo António.

This is the first of seven volumes dedicated to the life and work of Fernando Pessoa and Álvaro de Campos, whose objective is «to create a biographical, bibliographical, photobiographical and photobibliographical portrait of the poet», according to the author.

This project aims to «commemorate the centenary of the death of Fernando Pessoa (1935-2035), the one hundred and fifty years of the birth of Aquilino Ribeiro (1885-2035) and the twenty-fifth anniversary of the death of José Saramago (2010-2035)».