UAlg researchers and professors demonstrate at the door of the Gambelas Campus

Initiative brings together several unions

Researchers and teachers from the University of Algarve (UAlg) will demonstrate this Tuesday, December 5th, from 14pm, at the entrance to the Gambelas Campus, in Faro, «for the defense of the dignity of their professions». 

The joint initiative of structures and unions, SNESup, ABIC and SPZS-FENPROF aims to raise awareness of the discontent and injustices that are experienced at UAlg.

At issue, say the unionists, “is dissatisfaction with the extreme precariousness of the research class, the abusive use of the figure of the guest professor that condemns large dozens of professors to precariousness, the evaluation system that limits the horizontal progression of professors, as well as such as, the aging of the teaching staff».

UAlg professionals also intend to «draw attention to the insufficiency of UAlg's public funding and the institution's management choices that compromise its operation and future».