GNR records four serious injuries following 188 accidents on Friday

Of the drivers inspected, 70 were driving with excess alcohol

The GNR recorded 188 accidents on Friday, which caused four serious injuries and 44 minor injuries, according to provisional data from Operation “Christmas and New Year” released today.

The military, who, on a daily basis, “are committed to road patrolling and providing assistance to drivers, so that they reach their destinations safely”, monitored, between 00:00 and 23:59 on Friday, 8.867 drivers, the GNR said in a statement.

Of the drivers inspected, 70 were driving with excess alcohol and, of these, 32 were arrested for driving with a blood alcohol level equal to or greater than 1,2 grams/liter (the legal maximum is 0,5 g/l).

35 drivers were also arrested for driving without a legal license, according to the National Republican Guard.

In the same period, 2.352 road traffic offenses were detected, 683 of which were for speeding.

According to the data, 70 infractions were due to lack or incorrect use of a seat belt or car seat, 51 due to use of a cell phone while driving, 221 due to lack of mandatory periodic inspection and 75 due to lack of mandatory civil liability insurance.

Within the scope of Operation “Christmas and New Year 2023/2024”, the GNR will continue to prioritize, among others, monitoring driving under the influence of alcohol and psychotropic substances, speeding, improper use of cell phones and “incorrect execution of overtaking maneuvers, changing direction and giving way”, he said in a statement.