Classic cars once again “moved” the decline in Faro

Event takes place once a year

«Give movement to the downtown». This was the starting point for a group of friends to organize the first “Oldies Motorfest”, with the support of the Chamber of Faro. Three years later, Jardim Manuel Bivar once again became a meeting point, last Saturday, November 25th, for dozens of classic cars.

Pontiac, Mercedes, from 1994, Mustang, Cadillac and Fairlane 500 were some of the vehicles highlighted, in what was «a meeting of people who share the same passions for style vintage, old school and old cars", he said, to Sul Informação, Luana Nogueira, helper in organizing the event.

De Faro or from neighboring cities, hundreds of people visited downtown to relive old times or even to see what were once everyday cars. The event continues to be, year after year, an “interesting and super important” space for any type of person to visit, enjoy or take photographs.

Carlos Alberto, one of the event organizers, reveals that it is difficult to hold these meetings, but, despite the tiredness, the organization is already thinking about the next one.

The association, made up of nine members, was created after a joke by Carlos Miguel, son of Carlos Alberto, who thought of creating a meeting of American cars, something unique at the time, in Portugal.

The meetings started at the Leisure Park, near Forum Algarve, with 41 cars.

Downtown, the meetings began three years ago, with just a few cars, but, over time, the event grew, through contacts and sharing between participants.



Note: Cátia Rodrigues is a finalist for the Master's in Communication and Digital Media at the University of Algarve and is doing her internship at Sul Informação.


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