ANAC approves tariff increases of 7% at Porto and Porto airports Faro and 12% in Lisbon

The decision has already led Ryanair to announce an even greater reduction in schedules at Faro

The National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) approved the tariff proposals with increases of more than 7% for the airports of Porto and Faro and 12,45% for Lisbon airport, it was announced today.

“[…] On December 18, 2023, after analyzing ANA's tariff proposal and the complaints presented by users to the regulator, the ANAC Board of Directors decided to approve the tariff proposals for Porto and Porto airports. Faro, with the exception of CO2 modulation in landing fees, the PMR rate and its modulation and the safety fee, for which the information made available by the concessionaire in the tariff consultation process is not sufficient to allow a final decision”, he indicated, in a statement.

The tariff proposal from ANA, airport manager, for Porto and Faro presents a respective average increase of 7,39% and 7,41%.

In turn, also at both airports, traffic and ground handling fees have increased by 8,80% (corresponding to inflation).

This decision has already led Ryanair to announce an even greater reduction in schedules than was already foreseen, at the Airport of Faro.

ANAC also approved the tariff proposal for Lisbon Group airports, minus the CO2 (carbon dioxide) modulation in landing fees, the PMR fee and the security fee.

According to the same note, at Lisbon airport, regulated fees show an average increase of 12,45%, while at airports in the Azores (Ponta Delgada, Santa Maria, Horta and Flores) the average increase is 7,47%.

At Madeira airports (Madeira and Porto Santo), the average increase is 7,92% in regulated rates and at the civil terminal in Beja the rates increase, on average, 8,77%.

ANAC decided not to provisionally approve the PMR rate and the proposed modulation, taking into account that the information made available did not allow “the analysis of the adequacy of the planned means to the estimated traffic levels”, and not to issue an opinion on the security rate proposal , “since some increases in the cost base presented by ANA raise the need for additional clarification from the concessionaire”.

The proposed modulation of the landing fee based on CO2 was also not approved, “because the information made available in the tariff consultation process does not allow for the assessment of adherence to the principles of transparency, non-discrimination, proportionality and objectivity”.

At the end of November, the person nominated for president of the Board of Directors of ANAC, Ana Vieira da Mata, said that complaints about the proposal to increase ANA's airport fees were being analyzed and that the decision should be made in December.

ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal has revised the tariff proposal for 2024 at national airports, now proposing an average increase of 14,55% in global terms, including adjustments to fees not charged in previous years.

Airlines such as Ryanair or easyJet publicly warned of the impact of the “excessive increase” in airport fees in Portugal, asking the civil aviation regulator to intervene.