Ryanair reduces “even more” schedules in Faro due to increased airport taxes

Ryanair reports that it has reduced capacity on 40 routes at its bases Faro and Porto for the summer of 2024

Ryanair announced this Friday, December 22nd, that it has “further reduced” its schedules Faro and in Porto for the summer of 2024 due to «ANAC's bizarre decision to comply with ANA's unjustified increases in airport fees of up to 17% from January onwards». 

In a press release, Ryanair points out that «these excessive and unjustified price increases will harm connectivity, tourism and employment in Portugal», especially in Madeira and the Azores, where the economy depends on air travel for connectivity with mainland Portugal. and Europe.

The Irish low-cost airline recalls that the damage is already visible with the closure of the Ponta Delgada base by Ryanair, the removal of one of the two aircraft from the base in Madeira and the summer 2024 cuts in Faro and Porto announced last month.

In addition to these cuts, Ryanair reported today that it has further reduced capacity on 40 routes across its bases. Faro and Porto for the summer of 2024, as a direct consequence of these unjustified fare increases.

«ANA's airport monopoly does not face competition in Portugal, which allows it to increase prices without penalties. ANAC must avoid further damage to the Portuguese economy, immediately reversing its decision and prohibiting the excessive and unjustified increase in ANA's charges for 2024", the company also reiterates in a statement, calling on the Portuguese Government to grant the concession of the new Montijo Airport to « break the ANA/VINCI airport monopoly”.

For Eddie Wilson, from Ryanair, «the ANA monopoly should follow the example of its European counterparts and reduce airport taxes to help stimulate traffic and the recovery of tourism, and not increase taxes by up to 17%».

Eddie Wilson believes that «these unjustified increases in airport charges will erode Portugal's competitiveness and drive away much-needed tourism outside of peak season - as evidenced by the current incremental reduction in capacity in both Faro like in Porto».