The Ludoteca key (re)opened discord in Olhão

Another chapter in the uneasiness between the Chamber of Olhão and the Union of Parishes of Moncarapacho and Fuzeta

The war is not new and there is another battle underway. This time, it is the Ludoteca da Fuzeta that motivates exchanges of accusations between the Chamber of Olhão (PS) and the Union of Parishes of Moncarapacho and Fuzeta (PSD). On the one hand, there is talk of a “tantrum”; on the other, he accuses himself of acting “undercover”. All because of a key. 

The case burst this Wednesday morning, December 20th, on social media.

On its official page, the Union of Parishes of Moncarapacho and Fuzeta published a selfie – of President Manuel Carlos – at the door of the Ludoteca da Fuzeta, where GNR soldiers can be seen identifying employees of the Municipality of Olhão.

The accusations arise right away: according to the Parish, the workers, at the behest of António Pina's municipal executive, went to change the locks at the Ludoteca and put in «new locks», but the story begins much earlier.

Contacted by Sul Informação, Manuel Carlos, president of the Union of Parishes, gives his version.

«The building was built partly in the 80s and partly in the 90s. The project was carried out by the City Council, but the person who paid for the materials was the Fuzeta Parish Council at the time. The key has always been in our possession», he begins by saying.

According to the mayor, for “about two years” the Union of Parishes has wanted to give the building – deactivated since the pandemic – to the Moncarapacho-Fuzeta Red Cross Delegation.

However, according to Manuel Carlos, the space was registered, «first», as «property of the Chamber», despite the Union of Parishes also wanting to keep it.

«I had a meeting, in October, with the mayor, in which I told him that, if I was given the guarantee that the building would be given to the Red Cross, I would immediately give the key. But this guarantee did not appear», accuses the Moncarapachen mayor.



The Play Library space


Also contacted by our newspaper, António Pina, mayor of Olhão, explains that the building “always belonged” to the municipality.

Furthermore, according to a statement from the Municipality, the objective was also to donate it to the Red Cross Delegation so that “the “A Joaninha” daycare center could operate there.

Especially because, according to António Pina, there is a notice from the Recovery and Resilience Plan that allows «renovation works» to be carried out in the space.

Manuel Carlos tries to deny the mayor of Olhão, accusing him of having other intentions. «During the elections, the President of the Chamber was looking for a space for an association linked to the PS», he told the Sul Informação. 

Furthermore, he adds, he himself ended up handing over the key directly to the Red Cross Delegation.

Regarding changing the lock, António Pina says that, after a meeting, in which the Chamber asked the Union of Parishes for the key, it was necessary to act.

«We had to act. We waited two months and the president [of the Parish Union] threw a tantrum,” he accuses.

The municipality's statement states that this request was also “formalized by registered letter, dated October 13th”.

«After more than two months, and without the keys having been delivered, the President of the City Council decided to determine the necessary steps to take possession of the building, since this refusal makes the Red Cross' candidacy for the PRR unfeasible, to proceed to the respective renovation works at the Ludoteca», he also says.

«We also want the building for the Red Cross, which currently operates in two apartments, because this way we will have two more apartments for public housing», he added, in his statements to our newspaper, António Pina.

From the Union of Parishes, there is also a guarantee: criminal proceedings will be initiated against the president of the Chamber, a councilor and the chief of staff Sérgio Viana.


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