Portuguese-style Shakespearean tragedy

In particular in the Algarve, we need proposals to diversify the economy

The crisis was triggered by the president of the Supreme Court of Justice, stating that it is a certainty that corruption is present in Portugal and has a strong expression in public administration, also criticizing the lack of political will to make the judicial sector a priority.

In this way, by warning that something was in the air, it either contributed to creating a scenario for what was being prepared, or warned the PS of what was coming.

The following day, the Prosecutor's Office had to act immediately, when evidence would already be destroyed in light of the warning. If true, it will be curious that PJ was kept out of the process.

It seems that there is some kind of judicial coup, but at whose service? A war between the judicial and political systems? An action controlled by right-wing forces infiltrated in the judicial system? Or more simply, dismissing conspiracy theories, that the judicial system is aware of such a level of corruption, that the scolding would happen every day, possibly a little later, after the approval of the State Budget (OE)?

The internal struggle in the system is brutal and the President of the Republic (PR) completed the palace coup. Effectively, there is no reason to dissolve Parliament. As much as the PR thinks that the majority of the PS is due to Costa, that is his opinion, but it has no constitutional support.

Furthermore, it does not dissolve Parliament, it just promises that it will dissolve it within months, allowing it to approve an OE that actually interests the right, opportunistically taking advantage of the PS majority that it says it no longer recognizes.

And yet, it schedules elections without having dissolved Parliament.

The PR, when visiting the Távora monument, symbolically shows that whoever messes with the “king” is dead. It’s the “vichysoise” of Paulo Portas’ time, but it’s much more refined.

The PR also manages to stop society's protests, leaving doctors, teachers, etc., without an interlocutor.

The right wants to stop the country and is succeeding.

It is also worth thinking that the Prime Minister resigns for a paragraph without content, unless the PR informed him of what remains to be known.

Is he tired of seeing a “swamp” around him that he no longer controls, just like Guterres? Or like Socrates, is he the pivot?

What we see is that PS governments are always stained with mud. The PS's best governance was while it was conditioned by the agreements with BE and the PC, but today, talking about contraptions is archaeology. It corresponded to a very concrete context. It's already gone!

The left cannot be associated with a party riddled with corruption and, on top of that, with a neoliberal program. The left cannot get lost in debating what is happening in the corridors of power, thus helping to keep people away from what truly matters.

The program we need is to fight for an SNS that responds to needs and denounces the surreptitious project for its dismantling; it is for a program that solves the housing problem; for decent wages; by taxing great fortunes and reverting banks' excessive profits to loans for home purchases.

A program that does not align with the military escalation, even though it shows solidarity with those attacked.

In particular in the Algarve, we need proposals to diversify the economy, attracting industries. The water crisis requires solutions that include the conversion of agriculture, reuse and capture of unused water, which includes reducing losses.


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