PSD Algarve discusses energy in the European Parliament

João Campos and Ruben Santos, from JSD, also asked questions on the topic

A delegation from the PSD Algarve, led by Cristóvão Norte, went to the European Parliament, in Brussels, at the invitation of MEP Maria da Graça Carvalho, to participate in a conference with members of the European Commission regarding energy development options in the south of Portugal.

«The Algarve has extraordinary solar potential – the highest exposure in Europe – and waves, in this case on the west coast. It is vital to take firm steps to take advantage of this competitive advantage. When we say that the Algarve should be more diversified in its economic portfolio, energy is a good alternative», said the president of PSD Algarve at the conference.

Two other young people from JSD Algarve, João Campos and Ruben Santos, also asked questions about the topic.

Artur Gomes, president of JSD Algarve, thanked «the opportunity to visit the European Institutions» and the «fellowship» and «conviviality during these 3 days in Brussels».

«These visits are fundamental for a better understanding of the functioning of the Institutions, increasing transparency and proximity between voters and elected representatives, but essentially to alert more young people and less young people to the significant impact that the European Institutions have on our day-to-day lives. ", he said.