Carlos Alvo, former chief of staff of the mayor of Lagoa, has died

Victim of prolonged illness

Carlos Alvo, former chief of staff of the last two mayors of Lagoa and a well-known figure in the municipality due to his connection to the associative movement, died today, Sunday, at the age of 71, victim of a prolonged illness.

On the associative side, he stood out as director of the Associação Cultural e Desportiva ACD Ferragudo, in the 90s. Later, he was also part of the Advisory Council of this collective, a body that no longer exists.

During this period, he made a strong contribution to the evolution of the sports component of ACD Ferragudo, proving to be very dynamic and proactive in his contacts with the municipality.

More recently, and for many years, he was the chief of staff of Francisco Martins, the former mayor of Lagoa.

However, after Francisco Martins had abdicated from office, continued in office for a while longer, with Luís Encarnação at the helm of the municipality.

In the 2021 elections, Carlos Alvo was part of Francisco Martins' independent list, the Lagoa Primeiro movement.

Francisco Martins ended up losing the clash for the Chamber with Luís Encarnação, the current mayor of Lagos. In the same elections Carlos Alvo was elected to the Ferragudo Parish Assembly, of whose Board he became secretary.

Before being Francisco Martins' chief of staff, he was an employee at the Ferragudo Elderly Center.