“Legionella” detected in analyzes leads to the closure of school changing rooms in Aljezur

Before reopening, further analyzes will be carried out to confirm that everything is ok.

The changing rooms at the gymnastics pavilion at Escola Professora Piedade Matoso, in Aljezur, were closed after analyzes carried out by the Health Authority on water samples collected in the showers detected the presence of “units forming colonies of Legionella Pneumophila», announces the director of the Aljezur School Group, on the website of these educational establishments.

Therefore, adds Paulo Esteves, «in compliance with the instructions of the Health Delegate, access to the shower area of ​​both changing rooms was prohibited».

The measure will remain in force “until the interventions (which include decontamination and boiler repair procedures) are completed to correct the detected situation”.

The director of the Group adds that the problem is limited to showers, «there being no danger related to other water points on the school premises (including the washroom basins)».

The Algarve Regional Health Authority (ASR) has already announced that it is monitoring the presence of the “legionella” bacteria in the showers of the changing rooms at that school in Aljezur.

The ASR added that the problem was detected around 16 days ago, after analyzes carried out as part of the Public Health Unit's local “legionella” surveillance plan.

That Authority adds that “there is no record, nor are there expected to be cases of Legionnaires’ disease” in the community as a result of this contamination.

The situation is being monitored and monitored by ASR «since the beginning», and we are now awaiting confirmation that the equipment has been cleaned and disinfected «to carry out new analyses», which, if negative, will lead to the reopening of the equipment .