Infralobo celebrates seven years of its community gardens project

After the current 15 gardens, two more will be made available for the EXISTIR association

Infralobo is celebrating seven years of its community garden project for its employees.

Launched in 2016, this program has become a reference point in the commitment to well-being and harmony among its employees.

According to the company, the Community Gardens «represent a unique space for socializing between colleagues and their families, offering leisure areas and learning opportunities for the Infralobo community».

«In this relaxed environment, employees can grow fresh food and enjoy moments of relaxation, all within the company's facilities».

This is another measure integrated into standard 4552, which certifies the management system for reconciling professional, personal and family life.

In these seven years, the Community Gardens project has grown significantly. In its initial phase, five Community Gardens were created, each divided into plots of 30 square meters, equipped with water points to facilitate cultivation.

Today, the program has expanded to include a total of 15 Community Gardens, contributing to the family economy of 20 of its employees.

All employees who signed up for this project have allocated gardens and there are currently no waiting lists.

In addition to the current 15 vegetable gardens, Infralobo informs that it will add two more vegetable gardens, «free of charge, for the EXISTIR Association, in order to provide a learning and social space for its gardening course students».

Infralobo reaffirms “its commitment to the Community Gardens project”, highlighting that it will continue “to support and encourage its expansion, making it even more accessible and beneficial for its employees and the Infralobo community as a whole”.