Tax Authority warns of fraudulent messages

Messages “should be ignored”

The Tax and Customs Authority (AT) warned today that false electronic mail messages (emails) were being sent in its name, referring to possible tax debts.

Through the X network (formerly Twitter) and the website, AT says it became aware that some taxpayers are receiving emails with supposed debts, where they are asked to click on a certain link.

“These messages are false and should be ignored. Its objective is to convince the recipient to access malicious pages by clicking on the suggested links. Under no circumstances should you carry out this operation”, warns AT.

AT advises taxpayers to consult information about security on the Finance Portal.

In this information, taxpayers are asked, in particular, to be suspicious of links and files sent by electronic messages or SMS and to confirm with the source whenever, through SMS or Internet sites, any action or interaction is requested.

“If in doubt, do not respond to messages, click on links, or download or open files; do not provide or disclose your credentials to access the Finance Portal”, are other pieces of advice.