“Operation Green Mountain” plants trees again in the Algarve

Initiative is Zoomarine

Zoomarine’s “Operation Green Mountain” will return to the field and promote the planting of thousands of trees, on the 25th and 27th of November.

The ecological action is open to all interested parties and will take place in conjunction with the National Ecology Congress. The “vast majority” of the trees will be planted at the University of Algarve, under “a long-standing technical and scientific partnership between both entities”, according to Zoomarine.

Started in 2016, by Zoomarine, “Operação Montanha Verde” has already offered more than 126 thousand trees to various public entities in the Algarve region, including Municipal Councils, University of Algarve, Schools and farmer cooperatives, of which 79 thousand have already been planted, in 25 areas, with the help of 8230 volunteers.

«The choice of species and respective quantities always depends on each partner. At the same time, Zoomarine ensures the purchase and delivery of the chosen specimens, insurance for volunteers, the necessary instruments (gloves, shovels, hoes, buckets), some fruit and drinks», according to the Albufeira theme park.

The initiative also involves ALGAR, which will once again produce and offer the NutriVerde compost, «which will help in the initial phase of plant growth (it is an organic compound that results from the treatment and composting of green waste from activities in the Algarve region (gardening and agriculture), being certified as a production factor in organic agriculture)».

Those interested in helping to plant these trees should register online. Anyone who wants to go to the field on November 25th, a Saturday, must follow this link. Registration for the activity on the 27th, Monday, must be done here.

Registration is free and is aimed at groups of students (ideally, aged 10 or over), teachers, families, business groups, Scouts and Scouts, and, of course, anyone who believes in protecting and strengthening our ecosystems. Pre-registration will allow you to manage the number of instruments required and guarantee insurance and (digital) attendance certificates for each participant (for those who wish and request it).

The grounds on the Gambelas campus will be prepared in advance, so each volunteer will only be asked, «in addition to comfortable clothing and suitable footwear, some time (30 to 120 minutes) and a very light physical effort». Plantings will take place between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm, on both days.