Loulé announces winner of another Joaquim Romero Magalhães award on Saturday

This will be the second time that this municipal initiative award has been awarded

The next winner of the Professor Joaquim Romero Magalhães Research Award will be announced on Saturday, October 7th, in a ceremony that will take place at the Loulé Municipal Archives, at 17pm.

The award, an initiative of the Loulé City Council, «aims to pay homage to this illustrious Loulé native, who stood out as a teacher and historian, and, on the other hand, to encourage historical-cultural research into the municipality», according to the municipality.

In the 1st edition, the work “The migration of Andalusians to the village of Loulé, between 1850 and 1914”, written by João Chagas Aleixo, was the winner.

During this session, Revista Al'-'ulya Nº26 will also be presented, a publication of interdisciplinary scientific research and cultural dissemination, published by the Municipality, and of which Joaquim Romero Magalhães was one of the great promoters and one of the most prestigious collaborators.

The presentation will be given by João Guerreiro, professor at the University of Algarve.