Francisco Assis gives a conference in the Parish Hall of Monte Gordo

This initiative is open to everyone

Francisco Assis, president of the Economic and Social Council, participates, on November 22nd, in a conference on the “Place of the Church in the face of today's socioeconomic challenges”, in the Parish Hall of Monte Gordo. 

Francisco Assis will talk about the main social and economic challenges we are experiencing, so that we can take seriously the thoughts of Pope Benedict XVI in the encyclical letter Caritas in Veritate.

This initiative is open to everyone. For more information, you can contact the parish priest: [email protected].

Francisco Assis was elected president of the Economic and Social Council on July 10, 2020, by the Assembly of the Republic, and would be re-elected on April 29.

The Economic and Social Council is a constitutional body for consultation and social consultation, whose main objectives are to promote the participation of economic and social agents in the decision-making processes of sovereign bodies, within the scope of socio-economic matters, being, par excellence, , the space for dialogue between the Government, social partners and other representatives of organized civil society.