Faro: Public discussion of the Vale de Carneiros Detailed Plan has already begun

The municipality calls for everyone's collaboration to participate in this public consultation

The period of public discussion of the Detailed Plan of Vale de Carneiros, in the north of the city of Faro, between the southern limit of Vale da Amoreira and the northern limit of Avenida Calouste Gulbenkian, next to the Hospital, begins this Tuesday, October 3rd, and will end on the 31st of this month.

The Municipality intends for this new territorial management instrument to allow the construction of a road, which will provide a new access connection to the city, as an alternative to Rua do Alportel, decongesting car circulation in the area.

«This work will also enable the modernization of road, pedestrian and cycling networks and the organization of public parking, creating new parking spaces, including charging points for electric vehicles», says the City Council Faro.

«In addition, it will improve the image and urban quality from the perspective of sustainability, implementing measures to combat climate change, such as, for example, the creation of new green spaces with a view to reducing the heat island, or the introduction of sustainable energy , green roofs, or a rainwater containment system to control rapid floods and reuse these waters for watering gardens», he adds.

The municipality calls for everyone's collaboration to participate in this public discussion. Any suggestion, information or observation must be presented in writing, by October 31st, addressed to the President of the Chamber of Faro.

These contributions may be sent by post or even by email to geral@cm-faro.pt, with express indication in the title: “Public Discussion of the preparation of the Detailed Plan of Vale de Carneiros“. The identification and address of those submitting proposals is also mandatory.

The Detailed Plan of Vale de Carneiros can be consulted here