Castro Marim schools will have a leadership development program

As part of a partnership between the Municipality of Castro Marim and Verdelago

The Teach for Portugal program, a leadership development program, will be implemented in the Castro Marim School Group, the result of a partnership between the Municipality of Castro Marim and Verdelago.

The collaboration protocol will be signed on Wednesday, the 18th, at 12 pm, in the auditorium of the Castro Marim School Group, when the Teach For Portugal program will also be presented to the Castro Marim school community.

This program, which is based on the premise that «the place where a child is born should not restrict the opportunities they have throughout their life», aims to «reduce educational inequality and provide children from more disadvantaged backgrounds with the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential, placing them on a path of opportunities and promoting an impact on the educational system, in the short and long term».

«For two academic years, a mentor will be allocated to the educational community of Castro Marim. Mentors, who can be from various professional areas, work in partnership with a teacher (teacher-mentor) supporting him in the subjects, but above all, working in areas such as students' confidence, determination and perseverance», describes the Chamber of Castro Marim.

«It is expected that more conscious life choices and more options for achievement will have an impact on families and the community, with an impact on society and the economy of a country», he added.