Cycle of sessions “Educating for a better future” marks the school year in Portimão

The first initiative is scheduled for October 13th

Throughout the 2023/2024 school year, the Municipality of Portimão is promoting a cycle of interventional and preventive sessions under the motto “Educating for a better future”, which are free to participate in and aim to provide intervention tools to parents and guardians of children and young people from pre-school to 3rd cycle, as well as specialized technicians and teachers, through the debate of strategies, positive practices and clarification of doubts.

The first session of this cycle, whose objective is to promote the well-being and educational success of children and young people, is scheduled for October 13th, starting at 17:30 pm, at the Manuel Teixeira Gomes Municipal Library. The speaker will be clinical psychologist Carla Fernandes, member of the Southern Regional Delegation of the Order of Portuguese Psychologists, to address the topic “Anxiety in childhood and adolescence”.

For the parents/guardians, technicians and teachers for whom this session is aimed, the specialist will explain how to differentiate normal anxiety from pathological anxiety, teaching strategies and guidelines that help children and young people to face this problem.

Carla Fernandes has a master's degree in Psychology in the field of Psychological Intervention with Children and Adolescents, as well as a postgraduate degree in the area of ​​childhood and youth.

In 2019, he created the SER Mental Project – Specialized Network Service for the Promotion of Mental Health in Children and Adolescents in Olhão and currently coordinates the Psychology and Guidance Service of the D. Dinis School Group, in Quarteira.

This will be followed, from 17:30 pm on October 25th, by the session “Growing Safe – Superprotection or Autonomy”, which will also take place at the Manuel Teixeira Gomes Municipal Library and where Marta Inácio and Clara Freitas, clinical psychologists from GASMI will be present – Child Mental Health Support Group, to speak to parents and guardians of Pre-School and 1st Cycle children.

The speakers will propose to those present a reflection on the importance of autonomy in the child's development process, without forgetting the strategic role of parents at this level.

Maria Clara Freitas, clinical and health psychologist and family therapist, has worked at the Portimão Health Center since 2006, and has been coordinator of the GASMI Portimão/Monchique team since 2014. She works primarily with children and young people and their families.

As for clinical and health psychologist Marta Inácio, she has worked at the Portimão Health Center since 2005, and is currently in charge of coordinating the GASMI Portimão/Monchique team, whilst carrying out clinical activity with children and young people in various health projects, namely in the area of ​​early intervention.

The “Educate for a better future” cycle will continue in November with sessions scheduled for the 16th (“How to develop language in childhood”, with the participation of speech therapists Ana Alberto, Patrícia Coelho and Sara Teixeira) and the 29th (“Snacks healthy: practical suggestions” with nutritionist Débora Ganda).

Always with free participation, the cycle will resume in January 2024 and will continue until the end of the academic year, covering other topics.

Registration for the actions scheduled for this month of October can be made now and until the day before each session, through this link.