Applications for scholarships from the Chamber of Faro open in November

Open on the 1st and run throughout the month

The Municipality of Faro will again award scholarships for the 2023/2024 academic year and applications will take place from the 1st to the 30th of November.

This support is aimed at secondary and higher education students, enrolled in bachelor's or master's degrees, residing in the municipality and who lack their own resources to continue their studies.

As has happened in previous years, scholarships will be awarded no more than 16, to students of Portuguese nationality residing in the municipality, and a maximum of two, to students from Portuguese-speaking countries or cities, twinned with the city ​​of Faro. In these cases, it is then up to the jury to distribute this number, with at least one scholarship being awarded per year, as long as it meets the conditions of the regulations.

With this measure, the municipality provides financial support, granted in monthly installments, totaling ten monthly payments, corresponding to 2/5 of the national minimum wage.

Candidates, of Portuguese nationality, must cumulatively meet the following requirements: reside in the municipality of Faro more than five years ago; be enrolled in secondary or higher education establishments in the academic year for which they require the scholarships; have academic achievement in the year prior to the one in which they apply for the scholarship, which cannot be lower than level 4 for students in the 9th year of schooling and the average of 13 values ​​for students in secondary education and higher education, requiring it is also clear that
prove academic achievement in all subjects.

Furthermore, students must belong to a household that does not have a per capita monthly income higher than the national minimum wage in force at the beginning of the calendar year to which the application relates and not benefit from any equivalent scholarship or subsidy granted by any institution for the same academic year.

In the case of candidates from Portuguese-speaking countries or cities, they will be able to benefit from a scholarship, and must cumulatively meet, under penalty of exclusion, the following requirements: be enrolled in a higher education establishment in the municipality of Faro and take up residence in the municipality of Faro in the year of enrollment and application for the scholarship.

The application form and the Scholarship Regulations of the Municipality of Faro are available on the municipality's website ( and in the Education Division of the Department of Social Development and Education (Praça José Afonso, 1, in Faro), where more information about the process can be obtained.

Applications must be submitted to the Education Division of the City Council from the 1st to the 30th of November, from 9:00 am to 16:00 pm, and on the last day they must be submitted by 13:00 pm.