AAUAlg and Farense sign collaboration protocol

Academic Association and Algarve Club signed a collaboration protocol on the 30th

The Academic Association of the University of Algarve and Sporting Clube Farense concluded, on September 30th, a collaboration protocol that aims to «bring students together from all Farenses and the Algarve in general». 

Before the game with Sporting, at the São Luís Stadium, Fábio Zacarias, president of AAUAlg, entered the field with the players, who had the academic cape on their shoulders, to mark the beginning of this collaboration.

«From the stands of S. Luís, where we will remain throughout the sporting season, to the lawns of life, today we defend our responsibility as agents of change, young students and active citizens who, through taking a stand, can cooperate directly together with all those who define the course of a region, the destiny of a country», said Fábio Zacarias.

« We celebrate 26 years of the Academic Association of the University of Algarve with a mark of responsibility and commitment, close to those who welcome us, determined to ensure that our social contribution is effective», concluded the president of AAUAlg.