Everything you need to know about the F, which kicks off on Thursday the 7th

Everything you need to know about Festival F

Festival F – Photo: Mariana Carriço | Sul Informação

Festival F starts this Thursday, the 7th, and runs until Saturday, the 9th, in Faro. Even so, the day before, Wednesday (6th), António Zambujo, Buba Espinho, and Luís Trigacheiro join together at 22pm on the Lusíadas-Sé Stage for a special concert, with free entry, in anticipation of the Valentine's Day celebrations. County.

The F's doors open at 18 pm and the concerts will last into the night, spread over nine stages, until 00 am. The programming of the Sagres-Ria Stage features artists such as DAMA, Calema, Mariza, Bispo, Bárbara Tinoco and Pedro Abrunhosa.

The Lusíadas-Sé Stage hosts, among others, MARO, David Bruno and Ricardo Ribeiro, while the Bandida do Pomar-Quintalão Stage hosts, for example, Mizzy Miles, Bianca Barros and José Pinhal Post-Mortem Experience.

Several concerts are scheduled for the Carby-Magistério Stage, including those by Eu.Clides, X-Tinto and Ganso. The GFH Stage – Museum receives, among emerging and established names of the respective musical genres, Picas, Tó Trips and Noiserv.

The Mercado-Castelo Stage features performances by Pimenta Caseira, Da Chick and Silk Nobre, which are joined by jam sessions.

Living up to the spirit of sharing and community inherent to F, the musicians participating in the festival were challenged to converge on stage, after the end of their respective performances, for a jam session to end the night. No expectations, no pressure, just for the enjoyment of music and discovery. Where the night ends and the music begins.

For anyone looking for new experiences, visiting the Pomar-Silent Bandida Stage is a must. In this one, DJs Echo Sound (Ricardo Rego and Miguel Cruz) will get festival-goers dancing and singing. However, this will be a Silent Party, where it is necessary to request the headphones to listen to the music playing on the channel of each of the DJs.

Palco Arco and Palco Músicos invite festival-goers to discover emerging names ranging from jazz to electronics. Beatriz Caixinha, Leon Baldesberger's Meersalz, Discossauro, The Elephant Woman, Celeste Mariposa and Pull The Trigger will pass through these, among many others.

The poster gives space between the various stages to an eclectic group of artists with connections to the Algarve. Examples are Danni Gato, Hybrid Theory, Nanook O Vagabundo, Pedro do Vale, Plasticine, Marta Lima, Perigo Público X Sickonce, TerraSul, Beatriz Caixinha, Peacocks and Marc Noah.




Day tickets cost 22 euros, while passes that give access to the three days of the festival cost 54 euros. They can be purchased on the Blueticket website and, on festival days, at the ticket offices in Largo de São Francisco, next to the SAGRES – Ria Stage, open from 17 pm to 00 am.

Children up to and including 12 years old have free entry and do not need to pick up a ticket. People with a Medical Certificate of Multipurpose Disability can enjoy a 50% discount. To do this, you must contact Blueticket directly at [email protected].

Tickets do not need to be exchanged for a bracelet, and must be preserved for validation at each entry and exit. The doors to the enclosure are at Arco da Vila and Largo de São Francisco. People with reduced mobility and pregnant women have priority entry.



Entry is permitted for people of all ages. Still, children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.



With the support of CTT, the festival has a payment system cashless. In this way, physical money will not be used for consumption in bars and restaurants.

Upon entry, you will be given a wristband with a QR code to access your digital wallet. Activation costs €1.

Top-up can be done via MBWAY, Multibanco reference, credit card, Apple Pay and Google Wallet. The physical stations at Largo da Sé, Largo D. Afonso III, Largo Castelo and Largo de São Francisco are also available on the premises.

The digital wallet also allows access to transactions carried out in bars and restaurants and access to the invoice for these consumptions, as well as requesting a refund of the remaining balance. For the refund to be made, the digital wallet must contain the account name and IBAN. Value returns are free and must be ordered between September 11th and 12th.



The cups are reusable, in order to promote environmental awareness and the adoption of good practices. Each glass costs €1 and can be purchased when purchasing the first drink. Those who have cups from previous editions can take them, thus not needing to buy a new one.



· Allowed the entry of suitcases, handbags and small backpacks;
· Entry with food and/or drink (plastic or glass) is prohibited. In specific situations, a medical certificate must be presented at the entrance to be able to take certain foods;
· Forbidden the entry of animals in the enclosure (except those framed by law);
· Entry with motorcycle helmets and travel bags is prohibited;
· Entry with bottles, cans, sprays and aerosols, laser pointers, professional photography and video equipment, drones, weapons of any type and all objects considered dangerous are prohibited.



· Police, Civil Protection, Fire and Medical Services;
· Restaurants, street food and bars (with vegetarian and vegan options);
· ATM terminals.



To ensure comfort and visibility, the venue is equipped with platforms for the disabled on Palco Sagres-Ria and Palco Lusíadas-Sé. There are also adapted bathrooms.



Festival F offers free Wi-Fi throughout the venue.



All information about programming parallel to the musical is available at festival website, clicking here.



Festival F is the result of joint work by the Municipality of Faro, Sons em Trânsito, Teatro das Figuras and Ambifaro.

This edition is sponsored by Sagres, Bandida do Pomar, Lusíadas, Carby, GFH, CTT, Fórum Algarve, Frimarc and Cristóvão & Coelho Lda. It is also supported by Fagar, Artists and Fleas Market and RUA FM.