Sul Informação wins 1st place in the Journalism Award “Analyzing poverty in the Press”

From the report “'Young gypsies from VRSA build a future with the help of a luthier”

The journalist Pedro Lemos and the photojournalist Nuno Costa. Sul Informação, took 1st place in the Journalism Award “Analyzing poverty in the Press”, in the Regional Press category, by report “Young gypsies from VRSA build their future with the help of a luthier”, published on April 19, 2022.

This award is given by EAPN Portugal / European Anti Poverty Network "to journalistic works that address poverty and social exclusion in a dignified manner, free from prejudice and other negative representations on these matters", according to the Non-Governmental Organization that awards the distinction.

The awards ceremony will take place in Sala Almedina, at Convento São Francisco, in Coimbra, on October 17th, at 17:30 pm.

The journalistic works proposed for the competition were selected and analyzed by the people who make up the 19 Local Citizens' Councils – one per district as well as the Autonomous Region of Madeira – and, finally, selected and evaluated by 4 members of that same council who represent them.

From a total of 39 journalistic works (20 national and 19 regional), six were chosen, three in each of the categories: National Press and Regional Press.

In this last category, in addition to the work of Pedro Lemos e Nuno Costa, 1st place, will be awarded the reports “Being a gypsy means being happy, revolutionary and not being afraid to face life”, by journalist Mariana Pombo, published in Jornal O Setubalense (2nd prize), and “Amarante: “Put yourself in our place” wants to raise awareness about accessibility and inclusion of people with disabilities”, by journalist Ana Regina Ramos, in Jornal A Verdade (3rd prize).

In the National Press category, the 1st prize went to Margarida Vaqueiro Lopes, Marta Marques Silva, Nuno Aguiar and Rui Barroso, from Visão magazine, for the work “Prices rising: Portfolio of the Portuguese under heavy attack”, 2nd was awarded to journalist Natália Faria and to photojournalist Paulo Pimenta for the work “Portugal is the 8th worst on the list of countries with the greatest risk of poverty or social exclusion”, in Jornal Público, and 3rd went to journalist Vera Lúcia Arreigoso and photojournalist Ana Baião, for work “'Sick people' go to the emergency room to eat”

In both categories – national and regional – the winners will receive a prize along with a certificate.


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