Portimão launches online channel to make residents’ lives “+ Easy”

People will be able to submit forms and deliver documentation from anywhere they are.

Portimão wants to make the lives of its residents “+ Easy” through the online form submission channel it launched, with the aim “of streamlining its responses to the community in an effective way”.

With the “+ Fácil” tool, and through «a set of easily accessible documents, available 24 hours a day», any citizen will be able to send a form to the municipality «with total security», wherever they are, «and it is also possible to send digital documents with the same validity as paper documentation, which will avoid unnecessary travel and contacts», according to Portimão City Council.

The forms available online allow the following operations: waiver of the right of preference in the sale of properties in surface rights; issuance of a certificate of cancellation of the reversion clause and purchase of full ownership of a plot of land; issuance of a certificate/simple copy of the deed from the chamber’s private notary; presentation and/or complaint on matters within the council's jurisdiction: licensing of night guard activities; certificate of part of the minutes of the chamber meeting; certificate confirming toponym and/or police number; digital reproduction of documents using digital devices for personal use; licensing of the occupation and private use of public spaces or those allocated to the municipal public domain on a temporary basis, for promotional, screening or other actions.



«If you have submitted a form with associated fees or tariffs, the resident will have two days to make the respective payment through an ATM or MBWAY reference, and they will only enter the services after successful collection, as if the payment is not made within the stipulated period, it will be automatically invalidated», warns the municipality.

Online services require prior authentication, and each resident, or their legal representative, must register at this virtual service desk, following this link, «using the Citizen Card or Digital Mobile Key for this purpose».

Through this digital interface, «it is possible for previously registered citizens to follow the evolution of their processes step by step on the municipality's platform, allowing citizens to make their requests, access different types of relevant information and easily contact municipal services».