Portimão Youth Park closes on Monday for requalification works

A new Radical Park will also be built

The Portimão Youth Park will be closed to the public from Monday, October 2nd, to allow for landscaping renovation works and the construction of a new Radical Park, which the municipality estimates will be completed in 2024 .

Over the approximately 9 months that the work will take place, the park will be closed to the population, «with the exception of athletes training on the BMX track, who will have access from their own entrance».

«This green space of around 15.000 square meters will undergo a thorough renovation, making it more attractive, with new areas for enjoyment, informal sports and accessible to all citizens», according to Portimão City Council.

The work includes “the recovery of existing green spaces and paths and the construction of a walkway and a watchtower, located at the highest point of the park. The renovations of the south and north entrances, the children's playground, the cafeteria, the bathrooms and the lake will be carried out, which will now have a deck and water purification plants».


Watch the video explaining the work:



During the work, the “resident animals” in the park will stay at the Quinta Pedagógica de Portimão.

Also included in the project is the construction of new children's equipment, the installation of an outdoor gym, as well as the conversion of the space where the skate park formerly operated into a new playground.

During this period, the construction of a new radical park will also take place, which will be located on the track for remote-controlled cars, which will be deactivated. This radical park «was the subject of a new project, previously agreed upon by sports clubs, and will be executed by a company specialized in this area».


Photos: Portimão Chamber