Order of Doctors calls on the Government to avoid serious disruption in emergency services

«Without doctors there is no SNS», warns the OM chairman

The Order of Doctors (OM) today called on the Government to find solutions that avoid “a situation of serious and imminent disruption” in several hospitals in the country, with the closure of activity in several emergency services.

«Without doctors there is no SNS», warns the president of the OM, Carlos Cortes, in a statement, elucidating that we are «entering the most difficult period of the year, winter, with a large increase in the number of visitors to Emergency Services which, this year, they are far from being prepared».

The Order of Doctors emphasizes that the degradation of working conditions and the inability to provide the SNS with an adequate human resources structure, in the face of «the total passivity of the Government, in particular the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Health, are compromising the quality of healthcare provided and patient safety in various hospitals, from the north to the south of the country».

«The Government, and in particular the Minister of Finance, must show more sensitivity to the sector, recognizing the needs of the NHS, the important role of doctors and, above all, investing in the valorization of humanized medicine in which doctors can adequately develop the your role. Without this valorization, without the minimum conditions, we will continue to witness an accelerated degradation of the NHS, with harm to the health of patients», argues Carlos Cortes.

For the president, «there is no more time to waste, there can be no more misunderstanding and inactivity».

Faced with this situation, the OM calls on the Government to create the necessary conditions for the SNS to resume functioning and expresses its solidarity with “all doctors who have expressed their unavailability to continue working in unworthy and unacceptable conditions, in services lacking of resources and means to provide an appropriate response to patients who use the NHS”.

For Carlos Cortes, «it is urgent to establish a fruitful and consistent dialogue, and provide doctors with conditions to exercise their profession».

«At this difficult time that the country is going through in terms of health, doctors work overtime, without rest, in small teams, often in insufficient and unworthy conditions, without the necessary appreciation of their career, training conditions and dignification being seen. », laments the president of doctors.