Olhão presents “City 15 Minutes”

There were initiatives for all tastes

Olhão celebrated European Mobility Week (20 to 22 September), with emphasis on the presentation of the “15 Minute City” concept and the local network of electric chargers. 

The municipality now has an additional 32 electric vehicle charging stations, which are added to the existing ones. The announcement was made by the municipality's vice-president Ricardo Calé, on the opening day of European Mobility Week.

As the mayor explained, this new equipment is part of the municipality's strategy of facilitating technological transition and providing conditions for those who choose this environmentally friendly alternative to get around.

«At the moment, we already have one of the largest networks of electric chargers per capita in the country, but our objective is to double this number by July of next year», he added.

On the 21st, Thursday, the highlight was the presentation of Olhão as a “15 Minute City”.

A 15 Minute City is a city on a human scale, where people have access to all essential services and public spaces, such as schools, health centers, commerce, cultural facilities and green spaces, without having to travel long distances: at most , 15 minutes walk.

The closing session featured two prominent guests: Ricardo Campos, president of the Energy and Climate Forum, and António Mortal, from the Regional Energy Agency.

Both experts focused on the topic of urban mobility and carbon neutrality, with emphasis on the role that seagrass meadows, found in the Ria Formosa, play as crucial ecosystems in strategies to combat the climate crisis, and one of the most important sinks of blue carbon.

The rules for safe circulation of scooters, bicycles and electric motorcycles were the subject of an awareness-raising campaign carried out by the Public Security Police among students at Escola Secundária Dr. Francisco Fernandes Lopes, the age group where the use of these means transportation is more prevalent.

Two initiatives were back from 2022: the exhibition of crashed cars, which this year is on display in the central divider on Avenida da República, and which highlights the main causes and consequences of road accidents, and the Traffic School, a Police project Municipal that takes the topic of road safety to schools in a fun and educational way.

Children played, moreover, a fundamental role in this Mobility Week: on Friday, the motorists who circulated on Avenida 5 de Outubro were accompanied by “foot and a half” police officers, who accompanied Municipal Police officers on a mission to raise awareness about safe driving within the city.